frequently asked questions about ceecoach

adding devices to a previously paired communication circle does not work

If a communication circle was formed, the settings are saved and remain when powering on again. To add more devices you have to build a whole new communication circle. To do so reset the previously paired ones first by pressing all three buttons simultaneously. Now start the role assignment of all devices you want to pair.

not all devices i wanted to pair have connected to each other

Please conduct a reset of all devices (press all three buttons simultaneously).
First assign all participant roles and then assign the moderator role. Otherwise a timeout can occur and no more devices are recognized.

ceecoach connect with your smartphone

Press the plus and the minus buttons simultaneously.Activate Bluetooth on your phone and search for Bluetooth devices. CEECOACH™ including the last four signs of the serial number (to find on the back of the device) appear on your display. Choose your CEECOACH™ device and the connection will be established.


ceecoach blinks red instead of yellow when charging

Your device was completely discharged (deep discharge). You can charge your CEECOACH™ regularly, but possibly previous settings are deleted.